May 31, 2012

Casa Ventura

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Tonight’s dinner was a rare midweek meal out and we were not disappointed. The food at Casa Ventura was authentic & delicious. Their menu consists mainly of Puerto Rican dishes with a sprinkling of other Latin cuisine.

We started with colada drinks (made with Barrilito rum) and ate Guacomole with Plantain Chips. Then we moved onto two entrees: Asopao (stew) with Chicken and Shrimp with crispy yuca mofongo. These are two dishes that we have had many times and Casa Ventura versions are at the top of the list.

Buoyed by our culinary good fortune we ordered flan for dessert. It was homemade, smooth to the taste with just the right amount of caramel syrup to accompany it.

We haven’t found many Park Slope restaurants that bear repeat visits but Casa Ventura may change that, especially once they start serving Medalla, a beer from Puerto Rico.

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