July 12, 2013

How suite it is!

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We got invited to sit in a suite at last Monday’s Yankees vs Kansas City game. NYC weather has been positively tropical during the month of July. Our regular seats would have been like sitting in a sauna so we decide to accept their offer.

We got to the game early because the giveaway was a Derek Jeter bobblehead doll.


As we headed to the suite we ran into two Yankees employees that we knew from the old stadium. It was good to spend time catching up with them.

Most suites look like this:


The box has 14 seats outdoors. We watched the Royals batting practice for a bit. I couldn’t wait any longer and dug into the food (sushi plate and guacamole & chips, later supplemented by hot appetizers).

There was a rain delay, a delay so unexpected by the grounds crew that when the tarp was rolled out over the infield it fell short & did not make it over to cover the first base line. The grounds crew rolled it back into left field. With the whole crew making a running start they made sure on the 2nd try to get the tarp over the whole infield. I believe short rain showers were expected but the 2nd shower was so heavy that the umpires must have asked for the tarp. I heard later that if you were watching the Yankees broadcast you saw none of this!


During the delay I walked around the suite level. There are beautiful photos from the Daily News.


And outside each suite there is a plaque listing the players that wore the suite number.


I found Suite 4 very touching.


Once the game started resumed I lost track of some batters so my scorecard is incomplete.

I gave up after the 5th inning.

The suite was fun. Yes, it’s very exclusive and I can’t imagine watching the games all the time in a suite box. But for one hot, rainy night it was terrific.

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