June 4, 2013

Things I Noticed – London 2013

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Let’s see, even after 20 or so visits, London still manages to amuse and fascinate me.

The floor leading you to the observation deck at the Shard building is a drawn street map. This caught my eye as we were leaving:


I love the Tube system, they manage to maintain the old & incorporate the new without too much whining:

Old style train destination flip board:


Cheeky ads (not tacky ads):

It’s a Vodaphone ad that features Yoda.

The escalators that take you deep down into the station (no elevators blocking your way):


And mysterious names for rooms – any comments Yankees fans?


But my favorite Tube enhancement is this :


It was £5 for one week of wi-fi (Virgin Media) in the Tube system. This was essential, especially if you run your own business because let’s face it, there is no one else answering questions and finalizing sales. It also meant my teenage pet sitter had a free way of reaching me.

Hmm, lets see.. What else…Food? Well the big British breakfast seems to be disappearing. We did have one at Garfunkel’s. And we had a healthy version ( with freshly squeezed orange juice) at Zack’s Deli near Gloucester Road:


We did our usual grocery run at Waitrose and Sainsbury. My favorite find at Waitrose was apple rhubarb juice:


But at Sainsbury I was perplexed to see hosiery being sold with the wine:


We found a couple of Chinese places near Leicester square that seemed to specialized in hot pot meals. We opted for entrees but we certainly would have hot pot next time.

And I snuck in a scone with cream at the cafe at John Lewis on Oxford Street:


That’s one long post.
All that’s left is to show my souvenir yarn.
In my next post.

April 26, 2013

Audi club

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Our friends told us that on occasion they upgrade their tickets and splurge on seats in the Audi Club at Yankee Stadium. We join them there last night.


We sat in the 2nd row and had an amazing bird’s eye view from above left field.

The way these tickets work is that you get a seat and the buffet is available until 2 hours after the start of the game. The dessert table & various ballpark munchies are available the whole game.
I sampled beef tenderloin, breast of duck and several pieces of sushi. Veggies wound on my plate too. I also had a huge salad and while it was good (fresh blue cheese dressing?) I probably should skip it at an all you can eat buffet 🙂


The dessert bar was excellent. Individually packed mini cheescake, mini cannolis, delicious chocolate covered strawberries and the best pistachio ice cream I’ve ever had- all the nutty taste without nuts.



I was glad to see that stadium traditions were observed: standing for the national anthem, and the 7th inning stretch, cheering when Kuroda had a 2 strike count and the excitement of seeing Mariano come in for the save. What I didn’t like was hearing the television broadcast (with commercials) and not hearing the sounds of the stadium. What is Mo running in without hearing Metallica’s “Enter Sandmen”? I hope the stadium clubs can figure out a way to pipe the music in (hint, hint).

Overall I enjoyed my game in luxury surroundings. However I can not imagine spending all my games here but it is definitely a treat. I would come here before going back to NYY Steak.

July 26, 2012

Really Wanted to Like You NYY Steak

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The regulars in my section at Yankee Stadium had the opportunity to have a post game meal at NYY Steak several weeks ago. My husband called dibs on the leftovers and brought me home an assortment of food: lobster mac & cheese, creamed spinach, mashed potato, and a quarter of a porterhouse steak. I munched on these items over the course of two days and they were delicious even when reheated. So it was with anticipation when we made a reservation for 7 for the following week.


I’ll cut to the chase- it was quite a disappointment. We virtually order the same dishes and they all tasted worse!
Our dinner was mid afternoon, prior to a 7pm game. Even before we were seated we were told we had the table for 1 hour and 45 minutes (?!?!)

The lobster mac & cheese was made with tiny bits of lobster, medium shells, and no detectable cheese in the sauce. The raw bar looked impressive in its two level tower but apparently the platter from the previous visit was better.


There was a mix up on the steak orders. Plates can be switched but each steak bone was personalized with the diner’s name.

None of this was the fault of our waiter Manny who gave a good presentation for the volcano dessert.


The worse part was the hostess walking around with an iPad, calculating how much time each table had left before another reservation needed to be seated. It was quite rude, especially since our table dropped over $1000 on the meal.

Oh and did I mention it was a dual birthday celebration that brought us to NYY Steak? In the future we’ll stick to our traditional post game steakhouse, Keens.

May 31, 2012

Casa Ventura

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Tonight’s dinner was a rare midweek meal out and we were not disappointed. The food at Casa Ventura was authentic & delicious. Their menu consists mainly of Puerto Rican dishes with a sprinkling of other Latin cuisine.

We started with colada drinks (made with Barrilito rum) and ate Guacomole with Plantain Chips. Then we moved onto two entrees: Asopao (stew) with Chicken and Shrimp with crispy yuca mofongo. These are two dishes that we have had many times and Casa Ventura versions are at the top of the list.

Buoyed by our culinary good fortune we ordered flan for dessert. It was homemade, smooth to the taste with just the right amount of caramel syrup to accompany it.

We haven’t found many Park Slope restaurants that bear repeat visits but Casa Ventura may change that, especially once they start serving Medalla, a beer from Puerto Rico.

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