September 17, 2012

Is it possible to forget how to blog?

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The first time I had a blog I worked a 40 hour a week job that required no writing. I wanted to kept my writing skills fresh so I started a blog…

The first time I had a blog I was learning how to knit.  I was downloading photos from this new thing called a digital camera.  I wrote about my yarn and my projects. My first blog existed when a knitting community was a circle of blogs that referenced one another. Then along came Ravelry…

The first time I had a blog Twitter and Facebook did not exist.  Of course now I am active on both, so much so, that I feel there’s nothing left for a blog.

But that will change.  New habits, new routines, new adventures.  Things that require more than 140 characters to describe. Things that need more than a “like” from the reader.

Bear with me as I get blogging back in my life.

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