May 30, 2013

London 2013 part 1

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We recently spent a long weekend in London. Although we have made many, many trips to London in the last two decades we always find new things to do.

On our first day we went to the observation deck of the Shard, a new high-rise building.

20130530-085336.jpg the Tower Bridge

The London Tower (well known to some of the wives of King Henry VIII)

We saw the David Bowie exhibit at the V & A museum. Unfortunately photos were not encouraged.


The show was very good although I kept thinking that this is the type of stuff I would expect to see at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

We also managed to see two shows: “The Book of Mormon” and the Beatles based “Let It Be”.

Clapping for the cast at the end.

The curtain for Let It Be.

“Book of Mormon” is one of the funniest shows I seem in a long time but I do not recommend this show if you are easily offended by off color humor. And yes the cast is dressed as the Beatles in “Let It Be”. This show is coming to Broadway & I’m still deciding if I would tell people to go see it. Not that the cast didn’t do a good job, or that it wasn’t fun to sing Beatle song for 2 hours but – is it worth paying money to have that experience?

And the reason we’ve been to London so many times? Eric Clapton at Royal Albert Hall. We went to a couple of shows and I got to sit in the first row at one of them!



All the stood between me and the band was the guard, who we dubbed “Kenny”. He’s in just about every one of my photos from that night. Just before the encore started we jumped to to the stage, resulting in the second photo showing Eric with Gary Clarke Jr.

Hope you liked this part of the recap. My next post will show more of the everyday things we did – food, the Tube and of course yarn shopping.

May 13, 2013

Edie Eckman’s “Easy Stitches for Impatient Knitters”

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I am in rut when it comes to knitting my swatches. Every one is in stockinette! I was much more adventurous when I was a beginner. The one thing I’ve learned during my almost 20 years of knitting is to always seek out something new. For me that means taking a class. I always manage to learn a couple of new things, meet some new knitters and chat with another person that works in the fiber arts industry.

This was certainly the case when I signed up for Edie Eckman’s class “Easy Stitches for Impatient Knitters”. Why take a class that teaches you new stitches? There’s guidance, practice time, and you walk away learning the correct way to knit these stitch patterns. Edie is generous with her knowledge – so much so that I signed up for her pattern writing class that took place the next day.

You can look up all these stitches in a stitch dictionary. Here is what I knit in class.

Condo Stitch – yes you use two different sized needles.

Coral Stitch (yellow) –


Turkish Stitch


Garter Drop Stitch


And my favorite, the Loops Stitch


May 9, 2013

Elijah the Elephant

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I attended a baby shower Saturday night. As my co workers will verify I was knitting furiously until we all headed off. My gift was Elijah the Elephant by Ysolda Teague:


I loved a semi solid blue skein of Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Worsted Cotton and thought it would make a great toy.

I had planned to work out it when I was at the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling earlier this month but the pattern called for the parts to be stuffed before closing them up and picking up stitches on said part to knit the next part.


Of course my toy wasn’t finished. The head, body & ears were done and by Saturday morning I was ready to add the legs. I had leg #1 almost completed when I realized it was in the wrong spot! And I was scheduled to work until 30 minutes before the baby shower began. Turns out my co-workers all were sewing on buttons and adding last minute touches to their gifts, but no one was still knitting their present.

So throughout the day I knit during lunch and my 2 breaks. Poor Elijah went into the gift bag missing two arms & a leg :(. I wrote a gift tag that said “From the Island of Misfit Toys” hoping to get a couple of laughs were gift opening time rolled around.

As it turns out this was more a party for the baby’s parents – due to time and people constraints, the gifts were not open at the party. When I left I had to pull over the mom-to-be and explain what happened. She herself is a knitter so she got a big laugh out of it. She plans to drop Elijah off so I can finish him (whew!). I hope to be able to share a picture of the completed Elijah the Elephant in a week or two.

May 2, 2013

What Am I Knitting?

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What do you think I am knitting? I need to finish it by Saturday night!


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