January 14, 2014

Big Apple Knitting Guild’s Yarn Auction

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The Big Apple Knitting Guild holds a yarn auction every year. It’s members donate yarn to the auction and the proceeds go to fund various programs that take place throughout the year.

My goal this year was to purchase yarn I normally wouldn’t work with. But even before the auction started I had purchased these tempting items:


A pink/gray grab bag and a set of sock yarn pattern books.

At the beginning of the auction I was knitting but once the bulky yarns were sold I put my project away and started to pay attention to the bidding. What did I come home with?

1- 12 balls of Brown Sheep NatureSpun for colorwork


2- Katia Gatsby – I had purchase this yarn years ago and I didn’t have enough for a sweater. I was thrilled to bid $8 for 6 balls! I’ll add 2 balls to the 7 I have already (yay cardigan!). The other 4 can be used for a holiday shawl.


3- Leftovers of Unique Sheep Gradience – always like to try out yarn from indie dyers.


4- My Guild buddy, Jane, won several grab bags of Opal and Online sock yarn. I asked her which one was her least favorite and I bought it from her:


5- And my final purchase was 1/2 a skein of Wollmeise Twin sock yarn. It turns out I have a full skein of Wollmeise in the same gray ( Im Jahr der Ratte) so now I can figure out a project that uses 700 yards instead of 500 yards. Yay!


I spent half my budget, which leaves the remaining half available for for this weekend’s Vogue Knitting Live. And knitters, that is a good thing.

September 17, 2012

Is it possible to forget how to blog?

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The first time I had a blog I worked a 40 hour a week job that required no writing. I wanted to kept my writing skills fresh so I started a blog…

The first time I had a blog I was learning how to knit.  I was downloading photos from this new thing called a digital camera.  I wrote about my yarn and my projects. My first blog existed when a knitting community was a circle of blogs that referenced one another. Then along came Ravelry…

The first time I had a blog Twitter and Facebook did not exist.  Of course now I am active on both, so much so, that I feel there’s nothing left for a blog.

But that will change.  New habits, new routines, new adventures.  Things that require more than 140 characters to describe. Things that need more than a “like” from the reader.

Bear with me as I get blogging back in my life.

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