September 12, 2013

Shared Remembrance

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I didn’t quite time it right but as I rode the subway over the Manhattan Bridge I was hoping to see the Beacon of Light shining up from the World Trade Center site. Unfortunately there was still too much natural light out.

I’m told that on September 11, 2001 a former boss of mine was on the F train on her way to work. At a certain point the subway is on elevated tracks… and she saw the first plane crash into the tower. I met her several years later and you would have never guessed that she was a witness to history. I’ve always wanted to ask her how that event affected her life. Every September 11 gives me that opportunity with everyone I encounter.

Today is a day where most
New Yorkers can tell you where they were, who they knew & how their life changed. The deaths of 4,000 people will do that to you and everyone around you. “Shared remembrance” helps New Yorkers get through this day every year.

June 28, 2013

A good start to Friday

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Commuting on the NYC subway usually produces a scowl from the passengers – delayed trains, crowded conditions, loud tourists. But this morning I had a smile on my face. Why? The woman next to me sat down and pulled her knitting out. Grey wool yarn, green locking stitch marker, Addi needles and a black KnowKnits project bag. And she could knit without looking at her work.

Don’t worry I wasn’t stalking her – since I work in a yarn store I can identify her knitting stuff fairly quickly. And she helped her concentration by listening to her music. I loved it, loved it enough to write about it and not take out my own knitting 🙂

Happy Friday!!


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