October 3, 2012

The Generosity of Others

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One of the knitters I know is a sewer, in fact at one point she was an avid sewer. She decided to start clearing out some of her unused hobby items and she asked me if I wanted some fabric. We worked out a deal that she would get a sweater’s worth of yarn when I finally destash some of my collection.

We meet yesterday and after a leisurely lunch she sent me home with this stack:


I easily brought home 20 pounds of fabric. Now I’ve got cottons, linen, silk blend & even knits – all waiting for me to experiment! Thanks so much Peggy!

June 5, 2012

My jeans are just about finished

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I learned how to install an invisible zipper! Not difficult but it does required the use of a special foot for the sewing machine. Kim (my instructor at The Sewing Studio NYC) helped me with the left side of the zipper but I had the darnest time making sure I sewed the right side without getting it twisted. But I did it!

What remains? Finishing the waistband (photo right) and hemming the pant legs.

Although yesterday was officially my last class, four of us decided to arranged a 2 hour “private” lesson for next week. Kim is such a great teacher that we feel it’s worth the money.

And oh yes, we shared our class space with the Beginners Basics group yesterday. I kept thinking I knew a person in the class. Once it was over we all figured out it was Jessica Hecht. While she has been steadily working throughout her career we all recognized her from her role on the first season of “Friends” where she played the girlfriend of Ross’ first wife, Carol.

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