July 26, 2012

Really Wanted to Like You NYY Steak

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The regulars in my section at Yankee Stadium had the opportunity to have a post game meal at NYY Steak several weeks ago. My husband called dibs on the leftovers and brought me home an assortment of food: lobster mac & cheese, creamed spinach, mashed potato, and a quarter of a porterhouse steak. I munched on these items over the course of two days and they were delicious even when reheated. So it was with anticipation when we made a reservation for 7 for the following week.


I’ll cut to the chase- it was quite a disappointment. We virtually order the same dishes and they all tasted worse!
Our dinner was mid afternoon, prior to a 7pm game. Even before we were seated we were told we had the table for 1 hour and 45 minutes (?!?!)

The lobster mac & cheese was made with tiny bits of lobster, medium shells, and no detectable cheese in the sauce. The raw bar looked impressive in its two level tower but apparently the platter from the previous visit was better.


There was a mix up on the steak orders. Plates can be switched but each steak bone was personalized with the diner’s name.

None of this was the fault of our waiter Manny who gave a good presentation for the volcano dessert.


The worse part was the hostess walking around with an iPad, calculating how much time each table had left before another reservation needed to be seated. It was quite rude, especially since our table dropped over $1000 on the meal.

Oh and did I mention it was a dual birthday celebration that brought us to NYY Steak? In the future we’ll stick to our traditional post game steakhouse, Keens.

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